Edwin Park

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Edwin has had a fantastic season so far. He excelled in the North American Regional Qualifyig Meet in Calgary (click for results) and will represent the US in Holland at the Long Track All Around Championships!



NCSA currently has the wonderful opportunity to skate with Edwin Park while he is a student at Stanford University. He is a positive role model for everyone he associates with. His skating ability and work ethic has impacted many of the skaters who share the ice with him. We hope that our younger skaters will follow his lead as a scholar athlete.

edwinWe were lucky to able to contact Jan Zurcher, president and coach from the Puget Sound Speed Skating Club. She was able to give us the following information about this gifted skater.

Edwin started with our club when he was about 10 years old. He had some experience on long track skates in South Korea before he joined our club in the Puget Sound area. Our Club coach is Chang Ho Lee.

He has done very well at competitions over the years. At the 2010 National Age Class Long Track Championships, he finished in 2nd place overall. He was also 2nd overall in the Junior Men's group at the National Age Class Short Track Championships. In 2011, he was the Junior B National Champion at Age Class Nationals. He holds the record in the 1500 for outdoor Nationals. He had some difficulties at the National Age Class Short Track Championships but finished 3rd in the 3000 that year. In 2012, Edwin placed 3rd in the Intermediate Men's group at National Age Class Short Track Championships – earning a gold and a bronze which was very impressive given that the group included former Olympians (at National Short Track, the Intermediate group becomes the "catch all" for all skaters aged 17 and up).

edwin4Edwin's goal over the past 2 or 3 years has been to make Junior Category 1 status. He achieved that goal with his accomplishments in 2011-2012 season. His preference is short track but given that he achieved Category 1 status in long track, his focus this year has been on long track. He qualified for the Junior World Team this year and finished 9th in the 5000. He achieved the top points for all Junior skaters in the American Cup Racing Series for all 4 distances. He was the top ranked US Junior skater at the final event at the Oval this year and took the gold in the 3000 – finishing nearly 9 seconds faster than his next nearest competitor.

Edwin works very hard and does very well – especially given that for him, academics takes precedence over skating and he often would not get to more than 1 practice a week. Edwin has a great feel for the ice, is technically strong and has an incredible ability to accelerate (even when already going at full speed). He never gives up in a race. Edwin has that unique combination of power and endurance that helps him to be successful in both long and short distances.